Gen Con 2016 Wrap Up


Greetings Red Shirts!

Lars here from the 2016 Gen Con event in “sunny” Indianapolis.  After three awesome days of gaming and general nerding out, we’re ready to head home and share our experiences with you.

This year marked a departure from the previous year’s format which was largely based on assisting our friends at Dead Gentlemen Productions with some film work for their The Gamers Live events.  For Patrick and I, we focused more on shopping, gaming, and playing a lot of Fluxx games waiting for events to start.  Overall I would say that despite the massive crowds (like usual), I had a far better time with this event than the previous year.  However, to quantify that statement it’s important to say that last year we were n00bs to the Gen Con scene and we make a LOT of rookie mistakes.  Parking, hotels, time management, you know it.  This year we were a lot better prepared and had a fantastic time with plans to return to the 2017 event for Gen Con’s 50th anniversary!

Check out a few of the images that we took from the weekend!

Check out the massive Gen Con sign!

The Pork-Chop Express, baby!

Patrick and I with Mark the Red from The Gamers (aka Chris Duppenthaler)!

Some mad Pathfinder action going on!


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