The Red Shirt Geeks Gen Con Day 02 Wrap Up


Hola Red Shirts!

We’re back for another wrap up with Day 2 of Gen Con under our belts! We had a great time playing Shadowrun (despite parking issues making Lars an hour late to the event!), Wil Wheaton was pretty awesome at the Titan’s Grave panel, and we got to work with our friends Zombie Orpheus Entertainment.

Be sure to check out our Day 3 wrap up tomorrow as we wind down our convention schedule and get set to head home for some much-needed rest!

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Lars Di Scenza
Lars is the stalwart leader of the Red Shirt Geeks and has been the social glue that held the group together, until he wasn't. When not thinking of ways to irritate his creative partner, Patrick, you can find Lars living a hermit's life at the nearest frat party.


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