Making Your Computer Suck Less – Random Bits of Geek – Episode 1515


I’ve noticed that, over the span of episodes, I tend to make every 5th video something from the world of tech support. This episode is no exception.

Of course, if I did another episode about how stupid stupid people are when they call on their stupid phones to ask stupid questions stupidly, the resulting video would be boring. So I decided to make an episode about ways to make your computer suck less.

Of course there’s no way to avoid suck completely. After all, we’re mostly talking Windows here. But there are some tips that will help you in having a computer that only occasionally makes you want to take a hammer and a cooked pasta noodle and make it scream.

This episode also borrows a couple shots from the first video that Lars and I ever shot, the (thank the FSM) short-lived I Tech, You Listen, which began with an effects shot of me pissing on a computer. If you want to see how far we have come, recoil in horror at this:


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