Browser Wars – Random Bits of Geek – Episode 1502


A long time ago in front of a greenscreen far, far, away (actually one room away from the current greenscreen)…

Patrick and Lars put forth a short-lived and mercifully-dead video series called I Tech, You Listen. In short, it was a first effort and it sucked. Our last episode (which was delayed for many months due to lars not wanting to finish the train wreck) was entitled “Browser Wars”.

So this week, Patrick reuses some footage from that ep, and revisits the first topic he can absolutely say he had covered before. This time though, the trip will suck less (unless he strokes out from the sheer number of Internet Explorer users watching this video).

For browsers that suck less than IE, try these:
Safari: Apple appears to be hiding the link for the Windows Version. Or they’ve killed it. Eventually found it. 3 years old. Don’t download it.


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