Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Random Bits of Geek – Epsiode 1402


On the eve of Thanksgiving, Patrick dives into one of the things he’s thankful for: the new Star Wars movie, now christened as “The Force Awakens.” Needless to say, he’s happy as a schoolgirl. Of course, he was happy as a schoolgirl before Ep 1, and look how that turned out. But JJ Abrams couldn’t mess up a beloved franchise, could he?

Note: in the video, there’s a Star Wars crawl in the beginning, obscured by a certain certifiable someone. It’s pretty much filler crap written in under a minute, but here’s what it says:

Episode II

The galaxy has something going on. Although I’m not sure what that is, since this is mostly filler text and not something important to read.

Really, I could talk about my Leia/Padme MILF 3-way fiction or complain about how the stool under my ass is inflaming my hemmies. It really doesn’t matter.

Either way, the godawful kazoo version of the theme is almost over, so I better end this sentence with an ellipsis for sh!ts and giggles….


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