Five Things That Piss Off Tech Support – Random Bits of Geek – Episode 1405


Today, Patrick takes a trip down insanity lane. In other words, he talks about his (never-ending) time doing internet tech support. Specifically, he tackles five things that are particularly frustrating to those people trying to explain that the start button is in the bottom left corner (especially in the days of XP, when the button actually said start).

The list is as follows:

5. “I don’t know anything about computers and stuff.”

4. Not being ready to do anything to fix the issue when you call.

3. The magic “FIX IT!” button.

2. Long stories that go on forever that are totally irrelevant to the issue and just mean people have to sit on hold forever while you rattle on about your latest surgery.

1. Not being able to click a mouse! Or F@#&ing READ!


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